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Each franchise shall have 1 vote in any voting situation.

The Constitution and/or Draft rules can be amended with a minimum 70% of franchise owners voting in favour of the amendment. Franchise owners may abstain. Changes agreed upon before the all-star break will take effect during the off-season. Changes agreed upon after the all-star break will take effect after the next season. Changes can be made effective immediately if there is unanimous approval (100%) by all franchise owners.

Any proposed amendment should be directed to the statistician or a trustee so that they can inform all owners of the proposed change and receive their vote in the matter.

The annual entry fee has been set at $30 for each franchise. A minimum amount of $15 must be submitted to the treasurer or a trustee before the start of the annual draft and the remaining $15 must be paid by the end of the first full month of the season. If the fee is not paid, the franchise will be disbanded and the owner will lose any accumulated surplus to date. This surplus will then go into the following year's prize pool. In this pool's inaugural season all franchises will be asked to pay $90 prior to the initial draft. This money includes payment for 3 seasons. Original franchise owners will not need to pay again until their fourth season (except the re-draft fees if applicable). This initial three season payment is in order to maintain continuation of franchises over the first 3 seasons.

Mid-season re-draft fees have been set at $3 per re-draft. (Note: the mid-season re-draft is optional for franchises.)

The prize pool will consist of the annual entry fees from all franchises, and mid-season re-draft fees for the year.

The distribution of the prize pool will be as follows: The 1st place franchise will receive 60%, the 2nd place franchise will receive 30%, the 3rd place franchise will receive 10%.

The annual draft will be held on a date suitable for all franchise owners to attend wherever possible.

Any one individual person may have an interest in only one franchise. Each franchise may consist of more than one individual.

Franchise owners may send representatives or submit a list if they cannot attend the annual draft. Paid franchise owners unable to attend who fail to submit a list will have their team drafted by the treasurer using the previous year's stats (highest to lowest) as a guide regardless of retirements, free agent status, position, or other such considerations.

Any persons interested in becoming an owner may do so only during the off-season and with 75% approval of existing league owners. However, they must make notice one week before the protected lists are due. The new owner will be required to pay the annual entry fee and the entry fee for two additional seasons prior to the annual draft. New owners may not buy an existing team.

Any owner(s) wishing to disband their franchises may do so but lose any accumulated surplus to date and their players will be distributed into the next annual draft.

To spell it out for Blair, because everyone figured it out on their own, the team that accumulates the most points over the course of the season wins.

2007-2008 RULES

If a player is drafted by, or is signed by, a NHL team and is not on the protected list of another franchise owner, then they are eligible to be drafted.

The initial league draft will be 20 rounds to establish full teams. In each year thereafter, the annual draft will be 12 rounds. During the annual draft, drafting will be done in reverse order of finish from the previous season for rounds two to twelve. In case of a tie, the draft order for those tied will be determined (1) total goals and assists of all goalies on the franchise roster at the end of the season (or at the all-star break for the redraft) (2) more total goals scored by all players on the roster at the end of the season (or at the all-star break for the redraft) (3) by most weeks led between those teams that are tied, and if still tied by cutting a deck of cards or flipping a coin.

A lottery draw will determine the order of selection for the first round only. All teams will be included in the lottery except the top three teams from the previous season. The fourth place team will have one ball entered into the draw. The fifth place team will have two balls entered into the draw, and so on, where the last place team will have the most balls entered into the draw. The maximum a team can move up or down in the lottery is 3 selections.

Every year, each franchise must submit to the statistician, a list of 8 protected players one week before the day of the annual draft. If this list is not submitted, then the franchise's protected list will be it's top eight players (ranked by points) of any position from the previous year.

Each franchise owner or their representative will have 2 minutes to make their selection. If the franchise owner is unable to make their selection before the allotted time, the next owner will be allowed to make his selection and the owner not able to make his selection will have another one minute to select after the second owner makes his selection. If the first owner still cannot make a selection, the next owner will be allowed to make his selection, and the first owner will again have another minute to select, etc....

The draft is for the regular NHL season only. A player earns one point for each goal or assist scored during the regular season. A goalie earns two points for each win during the regular season, 1 point for each shootut loss during the regular season, and 3 points for each shutout during the regular season. (Note: a shutout win is actually worth 5 points.)

Scoring will be kept on a week-to-week basis. Each week, total points will consist of the aggregate of points from its top twelve forwards, top three defencemen, and top goalie for that week.

Each team must consist of 12 forwards, 3 defencemen, and 1 goalie at all times during the season and the roster cannot fall below 18 or go above 22 players.

There will be a mid-season re-draft during the all-star break. The re-draft is optional and will be for a maximum of three rounds. In reverse order of standing at the all-star break, each franchise will have the option of dropping one player from its roster and selecting a player. Once a player is dropped it is eligible to be selected by another franchise.

Trading during the season can occur up to 12:00 pm PST on the day of the NHL trading deadline. The statistician must be notified by all parties involved in the trade before this time in order for the trade to be registered. A complaint concerning a trade can be brought up with the support of a minimum of 3 franchises. Trading may occur at any time during the off-season. There may be uneven player trades (ie. - 3 for 2 trades are allowed). Draft picks (either for the re-draft or the annual draft) can also be traded away. (Note: Trading away an annual draft pick may reduce your roster number for that year.) Any mistakes made in trading picks that have previously been traded will be adjusted to the next closest pick of the team having made the error. The next closet pick will be defined as the nearest pick higher in the draft if available, as not to penalize the team being dealt to.

Beginning in 2004/2005 only draft picks for the current season or the season immediately following the current season may be traded.

Beginning in 2007/2008 franchises may not make trades consisting of future considerations.

For new owners, an expansion draft will take place after the owners submit a list of 7 protected players and before the annual draft. During the expansion draft, new owners must choose one unprotected player off each franchise. All franchises will then submit their list of 8 protected players with all remaining players being dispersed into the draft. If there is more than one new owner then the order must be determined by picking cards with the order being Ace to King and then King to Ace throughout the expansion draft.

Beginning in 2009/2010, for a new owner, in the annual draft they will select in the first position in rounds 2-12 as if they had finished last in the previous season. For the first round they will be entered with the greatest number of balls into the lottery as if they had finished in last place in the previous season.