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     Trade as of December 28th (0 Objections):

     To Dave N: V.Nichushkin

     To Jarret: J.Neal

     Trade as of January 4th (0 Objections):

     To Dave N: J. Trouba, 2015/2016 2nd round pick, 2015/2016 4th round pick

     To Jarret: M.Ribeiro, M.Green, A.Ladd, 2015/2016 8th round pick, 2015/2016 12th round pick

     Trade as of February 1st (0 Objections):

     To Foster: 2015/2016 7th round pick, 2014/2015 1st redraft pick

     To Tony: 2015/2016 4th round pick

     Trade as of February 22nd (0 Objections):

     To Tim: C.Giroux

     To Foster: W.Simmonds, C.Crawford, O.Palat